Monday, March 12, 2012

Animal In Style

It was a big year. Baby birth. Quit from work. 2011.

'Animal In Style'
Multicolored nylon rope, synthetic leather rope, silver chain, panther resin, metal ring.

Taste In Men

It was 2010. Crystal idea. Placebo minded.

'Taste In Men'
Nylon rope, crystal, silver chain, metal ring.

Leather To Elise

Back to the 2008. I made this for a special friend. A birthday gift. Saskia Damanik. I should rename it 'Leather To Saskia', maybe. Well, i reproduced it twice. I'm so sorry Saskia, but, I still love you...

'Leather To Elise'
Leather, cotton tape, metal strings.

Sometimes In The Fall

In the 2010, all I want is some collar piece. And, wow, it is the trend in the 2012! I might have the a ability to tell the future, then, hahaha. This one is not for sale, perhaps?

'Sometimes In The Fall'
Suede, silver chain, crystal, rubber moose.

Broken Boy Soldier

2010. I was pregnant when I did this. I love The Raconteurs so much.

'Broken Boy Soldier'
Silver chain, leather.

Jimmy's Shoes

Jimmy Choo. Jim Morrison. Who cares? It was the 2010.

'Jimmy's Shoes'
Metal chain, velvet, plastic shoes.

Pop Metal

Still, from the 2008. It's a Pop Metal thing...

'Pop Metal #1'
Metal ring, leather string, synthetic cord.

'Pop Metal #2'
Metal ring, silver chain, leather string.

Handy Man

Nope, not new ones. It was in the 2008. Enjoy...

'Handy Man'
Tie-dyed cotton tape.